Cermak swings a path to college baseball


Tim Buckley

Ryan Cermak studies the pitcher

Greg Boswell, Staff Reporter

Ryan Cermak is a senior at RB, and also a star on the baseball diamond. Now committed to Illinois State University, he gets ready to play one last season at RB.

For Cermak, working out, or working on his baseball skills with his trainer has become a regular routine since he committed to ISU. Cermak goes to the Bo Dome, located in Lockport, at least four times a week.

Cermak decommitted from ISU at one point due to a coaching change, waiting to see who would take over as the new coaching staff. Cermak kept his options open as he waited.

The recruiting coach advised me that it would be in my best interest if I kept my options open because at that time I did not know who the new ISU coaching staff would be,” said Cermak.

Cermak has been on the Varsity baseball team since his sophomore year, and has been pushed by his coaches at RB, and out, all giving him great advice to further excel in his baseball career. They also have been great communicating with various universities interested in Cermak.

Cermak thanks all the RB coaches for what they have done, from opportunities to improve his skill, to guidance on responding to college recruiters. 

“I thank Coach Mark Ori for giving me great direction to start me off on baseball weight training. Coach Mark Ruge has always been so motivating and encouraging and has provided me the opportunity to improve my skills. Coach Joe Ruge, has given me great advice and guidance on how to respond to college recruiters. Coach Dallas Till’s faith in me has given me confidence to keep pushing my personal goals higher,” said Cermak.

Cermak recognizes how different college baseball will feel, as it takes the best high school players around to make a good college baseball team. ISU, which plays in the Missouri Valley Conference, plays schools from conferences including: the SEC, Big-10, and the Pac-12.

“College compared to high school ball is going to be a lot different. The competition is going to be a lot more competitive every game,” said Cermak.

As Cermak’s high school career comes to an end, he looks forward to playing with his teammates, and keeps one goal in mind: to win conference.

I look forward to playing my last year with many of my teammates that I have played with for many years,” said Cermak. “A team goal is to win conference and, of course, go deep into the playoffs for Coach Ruge and Coach Till.”