Are we spending too much time on sports?


Girls Varsity Volleyball Photo by Lexi Soto

Lena Brockway, Staff Reporter

At Riverside Brookfield High School, many students participate in sports that require a commitment to practices every day after school. Students have raised a concern on how they do not have time for other things such as homework, sleep, and different activities.

Most sports at RB range from two to three hours of practice each day, taking a good chunk of their evening away.

Senior Michael Morales is on the soccer team and practices three hours a day.

“I’d say we could lower it to two and a half hours,” said Morales.

Because students spend so much time practicing sports, they tend to feel overwhelmed with managing time and homework.

“I don’t get enough homework time, I just have two hours of homework time and I get crammed up,” said Morales.

With homework being overwhelming enough, keeping up grades is even harder for student-athletes. Practicing for multiple hours a week, sports can be exhausting for them, making it even more difficult to get things done.

“I need sleep,” said sophomore Amanda Schwarz who is on the swim team.

Schwarz practices for two hours and a half and has meets every Saturday. Many students say they don’t have much time for doing things they like either.

“The only day I’m actually free is Sunday,” Schwarz commented.

Schwarz also mentioned that she has little time to hang out with her friends.

Although it is difficult for Morales and Schwarz, football coach William Duffy thinks the long practices are necessary.

William Duffy is the defensive line coach for RB’s football team. Duffy said at the beginning of the season they practice for two and a half hours each day, then towards the end of the season, they practice for two hours and fifteen minutes. Football players play Friday nights then come back on Saturday to watch a recording of their game and to stretch.

“It takes time for our kids to know what they have to do so that’s why we do it,” Duffy said.

Duffy worked at Hinsdale Central High School for seven years and said practice time is about the same there.

Sports require a significant commitment, but some athletes believe it is worthwhile

“It’s worth it, it keeps you in shape and you get better at swimming as a result of the hard work,” said Schwarz. “I would definitely continue soccer because it’s a great opportunity to get out and play with your peers and teammates,” said Morales.