Fine Arts Survey is Not Fine

Students debate whether the class is a necessity.


An RB student enjoys Fine Arts Survey.

Liam Mathews, Staff Reporter

To graduate at RB you need four units of English classes, three units of Math classes, three units of Science classes, etc.  One requirement that is very controversial at RB is Fine Arts Survey.

Many students believe that this class is unnecessary. Freshman Ava Kopecky shares this sentiment. “It covers contents that we won’t need,” said Kopecky, who is taking Fine Arts Survey this semester.

In Fine Arts survey students go through four rotations. They learn the basics of the arts: studying theatre, visual arts, music, and dance.

Currently students in Fine Arts Survey are learn calligraphy, which is a form of decorative handwriting or lettering. While some students believe skills like calligraphy are useless, Fine Arts Survey teacher Nadine Michl disagrees with this.  “[Students can] work with their hands again,” said Michl.

According to assistant principal Kylie Lindquist, Fine Arts survey is very important for freshman.  “[Fine Arts Survey] allows students to survey different fine arts courses during their freshman year in order to decide if they would be interested in pursuing those arts courses,” said Lindquist.

However, some students do not share this feeling.  “They should be allowed to decide if they want to take an art class,” said Kopecky.

If students are interested in the arts but don’t have much experience, Fine Arts Survey can be a great place for students who need experiences.  “Students can find something that they truly love and pursue it,” said Michl.

While Fine Arts Survey is required, there are many ways to get out of it, such as annually taking a half unit in the fine arts, or by taking half a unit of a performing arts, along with half a unit of a visual art.

However, many students don’t have the space to fit those classes into their schedule, and therefore have to take Fine Arts Survey.

The vast majority of students at RB won’t pursue a career in the arts, and students feel that Fine Arts Survey won’t help most students in their future, and shouldn’t be required. “It’s a class that definitely isn’t for everyone.  I don’t think it should be a requirement,” said Freshman Paul Proteau.