Why Veterans Day at RB is so great

Bulldogs gathered in the main gym to commemorate veterans and their service to the United States of America.


Lexi Soto

Veterans being honored during the assembly.

Michael Fanta, Story Editor

On Friday, November 9, RB held their annual Veterans Day assembly.  Students gathered in the main gym to celebrate veterans and their service to the United States.  The orchestra and choir played the songs of each respective branch of the military. The navy, air force, army, marines, and coast guard were all honored.  Veterans stood or waved and were applauded by the students and staff, commemorating their bravery as veterans, and the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I.

I really appreciate the Veterans Day assembly. While Veterans Day is not a very important holiday for me personally, I have the utmost respect for those who have served in the military.  Veterans sacrifice a lot to serve our country, and do not get very much in return.

Talking to other students, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Everybody is always looking forward to the assembly, with some telling me that it is their favorite day of the year.  I can absolutely relate; the assembly is a fun change of pace and makes me feel proud of my country. The classroom gatherings with individual veterans are just as fun, as they give us insight into what being a veteran and active soldier is really like. These are not romanticized war movies; these are military experiences straight from the veterans themselves.  It is very interesting to hear their regular, non-combat stories. Though not as exciting as the action-packed stories, they help to make the veterans much more relatable, and show that they are people just like us.

While some schools may get the day off for Veterans Day, I believe our assembly is the right option.  We get days off all the time.  The annual assembly is something truly special, and can make all veterans in the area feel wanted and appreciated.  Everyone can be included, whether or not they have close relatives or friends.  Veterans have sacrificed a lot to protect our country, and that is more than enough reason to celebrate them.