RB students plan to be in the military

Madison Lester, Staff Reporter

On November 9, 2018 Riverside Brookfield High School honored our veterans through an assembly. A sea of veterans sat on the gym floor, as the students surrounded them in the bleachers. Many students intently watched the veterans in the center of the gym as the assembly progressed. Some of the students sitting in the bleachers, watching the veterans, may join them within the next few years.

Both Evelyn Buck and Alexis Vasiliadis have always thought of the military as a career option. Because it is their junior year, they are taking flight towards pursuing their wanted career. They are significantly close to obtaining the goal that they have had in place for many years.

“Joining the military has always been a career choice for me. In recent years, it has become the plan [for after high school],” said Buck.

Throughout the girls’ journey, many people have encouraged and influenced their decision to join. They have been tackling the experience together, and have been in full support of each other.

“My involvement in the Civil Air Patrol has definitely pushed my motivation to join, but my best wingman, Alexis Vasiliadis, has motivated me the most to push myself to the next level,” said Buck.

Another influential character that has played a large role in the girls’ decision to join are their fathers. Bucks’ father has been encouraging her to chase after her goal, and he has been supportive of her passion. Vasiliadis’ dad is a veteran himself and has influenced her decision to join.

”It’s mainly something that I wanted to do my whole life. My dad was in the military as well, and it always felt like the right thing to do,” said Vasiliadis.

Willaim Frey, a teacher at RB has also been encouraging Vasiliadis’ career plans. When she was unsure about her future, Frey kept her motivated and helped guide her.

”Mr. Frey has really influenced me because my sophomore year, I was a little bit on the fence about things, and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. He was able to help motivate me and keep my goals in check,” said Vasiliadis.

Vasiliadis’ goal after high school is to attend West Point Military Academy. However, since it is a prestigious school with an acceptance rate of only ten percent, she has two back up plans if needed.

“I’m looking into West Point, it’s a very highly selective school. I am also looking into colleges called senior military colleges, and they have a cadet corps, which is my plan B. As for plan C, I’m going to enlist,” said Vasiliadis

Buck’s plans after high school are slightly different from Vasiliades’. She has an interest in different schools that will further her potential career in the air force.

“I am starting my application to the Air Force Academy this spring. Hopefully, I’ll be accepted to the Academy Prep program or the Falcon Foundation. I will also be applying to the Citadel, Purdue, University of North Dakota, and Lewis University. These colleges all have ROTC [Reserve Officer Training Corps] and great flight programs, so either way, I will end up joining the military,” said Buck.

Involvement in the military is a unique experience that some graduates decide to take on after high school. Buck and Vasiliadis will be starting the process of applying to military academies this year.

“I thought why not [about joining the military]? It’s a noble thing to do and there’s a huge comradery among people who are in the military. It’s something you can’t experience anywhere else,” said Vasiliadis.