Recent crimes rattle Riverside


Photo by DJ Degand

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

In just under a week, the town of Riverside witnessed two horrific crimes that are unusual in the area. A burglary on January 25 and a shooting on January 26 came unexpectedly. Since most residents don’t see crimes like these hit so close to home, many residents and students at RBHS are wondering if they should be afraid.

On Friday January 25, police were called to a home early in the morning. According to abc 7 Chicago, it was discovered that three armed men came into the house, beat a 20 year-old man, along with his mother. They then drove to Chicago and dumped the man in an alley were he was later found. Then, the next day at about seven in the evening, a 19-year old man was sitting in his car in downtown Riverside, when a man opened fire on him. Police received over two dozen 911 calls, and arrived to find multiple bullet shells on the street.

After the shooting the victim drove himself to his house in nearby Broadview, where his mother called 911. He was taken to Loyola University Medical Center and had surgery the next day. It was later determined that the shooting was over a drug transaction according to the RB Landmark.

Residents are encouraged to always be aware of their surroundings, and take small precautions such as locking doors and cars at night. Simple distractions such as being on your phone can jeopardize your safety. Despite all the precautions, events like these can happen in any city in the country. RB liaison officer Lane Niemann expressed his thoughts after serving for 33 years as a law enforcement officer.  

“You can have the best prepared law enforcement agency in the entire state and still these things can happen in your city. They are random events,” said Niemann.

RB has not been too concerned about the two events. With new security procedures implemented this year and heavy support from local law enforcement agencies, safety continues to be an important topic. No current students had any connection to neither one of the events.

“In both events I was notified by the chief of police from Riverside. I was reassured that neither one affected the school at all,” explained Niemann.

The Riverside Police Department continues to work on the both cases to assure safety and well being of all. Citizens should continue to be safe and observant of their surroundings, and call the police if a suspicious event is witnessed.