Travel opportunities at RB


Beckett Nolan

We’re finally getting past this polar vortex and getting closer to summer a time when the homework load gets put on hold for a couple of months, and where we’re able to do anything we want. Some people have the luxury of being able to travel, whether that be a two-hour drive to a lake house or a 27 hour flight to Australia, there are millions of travel opportunities that are accessible for everyone to enjoy. We’re lucky enough to have some of those opportunities right here at RB.

Mrs. Forberg, a French teacher here at RB, leads a trip to Europe every other year.

“The idea is that the students go and experience France and the French culture and get a chance to visit and see the places we studied in class,” said Mrs. Forberg

Mrs. Forberg and Mrs. Nickleson, a History teacher at RB, are joining their two classes this summer on their trip to Europe.

“It’s really an extension of my class, It’s really putting things we’ve learned in class together and giving them a real-life experience, which is hard to get in a classroom structure,” said Mrs. Forberg.

Mrs. Forberg is hoping to show the students how different cultures lives and to let them appreciate getting away from home for some time.

Besides the Euro trip, there are other opportunities for students in the area to take advantage of. Blueprint Tours is a group tour company specialized in curricular-based and performance-based travel opportunities for students and their teachers. Some of the main places they travel to include New York, New Orleans, England, Canada, Ireland, Japan, China, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, and Italy.

“Nothing prepares you better for the world than travel and cultural immersion. Seeing things that you learn about in class gives you a connection that you can’t get from a book, video or website,” said Charles Pipal of Blueprint tours.