For some reason, Sonic the Hedgehog is getting its own movie


Bella Hagins, Staff Reporter

2018 has given the public many wonderful but also many terrible movies. 2019 started to release movies that are or were confirmed in 2018 or earlier this year, and honestly, this year is possibly the most unoriginal year for movies. Why you may ask? It’s because of the amount of reanimated live action movies that are usually either mediocre or really terrible. However, there’s this one movie coming out and I can only ask, “Why was this created?”

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie. Now, if any if you are reading this and watched the original cartoon series, though I probably think no one has, then you may or may not know that there was already a movie which was released on September 9, 1999. However, the movie coming out later this year has a higher budget and will be live action.

Not much is known about the cast besides the protagonist and villain, which is Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman. According to IMDb, there are other names listed for the cast list but it is not confirmed what roles they have. There is also a released movie poster, which isn’t special and doesn’t really say anything about the plot of the movie. It’s just the same picture from the teaser trailer. For the first few weeks, people, specifically Sonic fans, were rather disgruntled about the appearance of Sonic in the movie, but that quickly died out as well as the people making of it. However, as the release date draws near people are probably gonna start poking fun at it.

 To be honest, it’s most likely going to be a mediocre movie, but there’s a slight chance that the movie is going to be really bad, and by slight chance, I mean like 75 percent chance. But there’s only one way to figure out if it’s bad or not and that’s to watch the entirety of the movie which will be released on November 8.