How I started my own shoe business


Ollie Howorth

This is a pair of Nike AirJordan 11 Platinum Tints.

Oliver Howorth, Staff Reporter

Selling shoes has been a money maker for millions upon millions of people worldwide, even in some of the smallest parts of the world. Businesses like Foot Locker and Finish Line have become multi-million dollar companies due to the high demand for the newest and most fashionable sneakers. On some days, there are lines going out of the doors of these stores to get a single pair of shoes. Take a look at how you can manage business from Robert “Bob” Bratt.

Sneakers started catching my eye back in about 6th or 7th grade when I started understanding and caring about the NBA. Seeing all the basketball players with their custom shoes caught my eye. But what really got me paying attention to sneakers was when I got my first pair of basketball shoes for Christmas, which was a pair of Kobe 1’s.

The gift, from a family friend, was the first pair of many, as I kept receiving worn down hand-me-downs that I still thought were the coolest things on planet earth. As I got older, I realized that I didn’t want to keep getting the dirty hand-me-downs (as cool as they were), but I wanted to get the new clean versions so I could be just like my friends and the NBA players I looked up to.

I began to start saving my money bit by bit and finally bought my first pair of my own shoes, a pair of Kyrie 2’s. As I got a bit older, I would see videos on Youtube of celebrities going shoe shopping with Complex and always wondered what it was like to be able to always be around the shoes and sell them.

Towards the end of 8th grade, I bought a pair of Kyrie 4’s and ended up selling them for $20 more than I bought them for. I ended up buying another pair of the Kyrie 4’s and I had $20 left. I started watching more and more videos on shoes and started paying attention to the sneaker selling websites like ¨Stock X” and ¨Goat¨. I became more and more interested in the sneakers and began to buy some that were on sale or that had high demand.

After I bought the sneakers, I would go to websites like ¨Stock X¨ or social media sites like Snapchat, to try and sell the shoes. After I put the shoes up, offers begin to flow in which raises the prices more and more. After I sell them, I usually put most of the money back towards more sneakers and repeat the process.

Selling shoes has taught me a lot about business and different tactics to make more money. To me, it is fun and exciting waiting for a new pair of shoes to come in. I think that more highschoolers and teenagers should get in on reselling things because it is some of the easiest money that you can make and you can do it from your house.

Although there are many positives to it, there can be some negatives. You have to be careful where you buy your things from because not every place you buy from is authentic or has good products. In order to actually be able to resell, you have to understand what you are doing and know what you are dealing with.