My opinion on the 2020 presidential candidates


Lorie Shaull

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks at the Heartland Forum in Iowa

I really am not impressed with the presidential candidates for the 2020 election. President Trump is really disappointing for many people because he has a tendency to go against general principles, and having an investigation into foreign relations is never good.

Trump is literally the worst candidate for 2020. He did next to nothing while he was in office, and everything he did do was bad. Remember that ban on multiple countries that were not affiliated with any terrorist groups, but had a majority Muslim population? Terrible call. Not to mention he is under investigation for having ties with not only Russia but Ukraine as well. And from what I can tell, not many conservatives like him much either. They will vote for him due to the fact that this country is so divided that you can’t think of voting outside of the party you usually vote for because they are seen as “the enemy.” That is not even getting into his personal life, which is somewhat disgusting to think about.

I’m not particularly a fan of Joe Biden either. There is nothing majorly wrong with him\; he has a lot of experience, he was in the white house as Vice President, and he seems good-natured. The problems I have with him are less serious, but still there. There have been multiple people that have found his physical contact as creepy rather than endearing, which he claims it is. Although it was more of a slip, he said “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” This quote implies that he assumes all poor people are people of color, and thinks of white people as rich. He seems as if he will be just another old man that will keep the status quo and not take any risks for the people supporting him.

Elizabeth Warren is who I think is the best candidate for the presidency, seeing as she has an actual plan for reforming the terrible system that is healthcare. I don’t have many problems with her. She is younger than Sanders, Biden, and Trump, and she would be the first woman to be president, which honestly, needs to happen. One of the only problems I have with Warren is that she reminds me of Hillary Clinton, but unlike Clinton and her leaked emails, Warren hasn’t (so far) been involved in any scandals.

Bernie Sanders is an interesting choice, but I think that he is much too old to be put into office and I don’t really trust him when he says he will make college free. How will he do that? He would either have to tax everyone a lot more, or he would have to tax the people who make billions by enough that they may not be able to get their tenth yacht. Because money always means power in the form of political pull, it would never get through.

No one else on either side has a serious chance of winning the presidency. Nobody has enough of a base or has many people nationwide that support them. Beto O’Rourke just dropped out, Pete Buttigieg is just here for the exposure, and although I want him to be more mainstream, Andrew Yang has little chance of getting many votes.

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