I won’t let go of Frozen 2


Hannah Sales, Staff Reporter

Six years ago, one of the most successful Disney movies was released: Frozen. Today, the characters we have grown to love are back together taking on yet another challenge to save Arendelle. In Frozen 2, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf venture to the North in search of answers. 

My expectations going into this movie were high, considering the level of success the first movie had in 2013. The trailer leaves everyone with the question: what is the context of this journey?

The movie looked really intriguing from the trailer and I had to see for myself if the movie would measure up. 

In my opinion, Disney did a solid job of making this sequel. The plot was predictable, as all Disney movies are, and yet it left you with the feeling of satisfaction. The characters keep to the same roles as the first movie, Elsa feeling she needs to do things on her own, Anna doing whatever it takes to protect her older sister, with Kristoff and Sven following along. However, Olaf, while being his happy go lucky self, also takes on a more mature role. 

We also see some of the same themes as in the first Frozen movie: courage, family, friendship and teamwork. Olaf brings that sense of comedy and laughter as well as his maturing thoughts. Olaf in the first movie had the mental capacity of a child and now he has matured to asking questions about everything.

Throughout the movie, we meet a few new characters such as the people of the North called the “Northuldra,” all of the new creatures in the Northern Woods, Lieutenant Destin Mattias and Bruni. Bruni plays the role of the lovable new character; he is a salamander they meet in the forest, but he is not what he seems.

Overall, the music was pretty decent, but it cannot compare to the first movie’s soundtrack. The new song “Into The Unknown” was supposed to be the equivalent to “Let It Go”. It was a good song, but it doesn’t quite compare to the artistry of “Let It Go”. However, the song that really stood out was the heartfelt “Lost in the Woods” that Kristoff sang

The animation in Frozen 2 was definitely better than in Frozen. The animations used in the Northern Enchanted Forest were beautiful and had great detail. Elsa meets a magical spirit creature in the water that is drawn skillfully and has a cool design. 

For all these reasons, great music, animation and more, I would recommend going to see Frozen 2. It is well worth seeing.