Tech Crew member goes to All-State

Chloe Floros, Staff Reporter

Peter Giannetos is a junior at RBHS, who just went to All-State for his involvement in Tech Crew. In May of 2019, he was interviewed and selected for Tech Crew (sound) for the 2020 Theatre Fest All-State Production of Aida. This production was the main event of the 2020 Illinois High School Theatre Fest, which is what makes this accomplishment even more amazing.

Tech Crew is a group of people that work behind the scenes of plays and musicals by making the sets, gathering props, and working on sound and lighting. Giannetos said that his soccer season had just ended and he was looking for something else to do, and an upperclassman introduced him to Tech Crew.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I followed my friend to a Tech Crew meeting. Many people join Tech during their junior/senior year, and regret not joining sooner,” said Giannetos.

The All-State selection process requires each member to build a portfolio and go through a rigorous and competitive interview process. This year, 44 students across Illinois were selected to be a part of the Tech Crew for All-State, so being selected for this is an amazing accomplishment. When Giannetos found out he got selected, he was happy but understood the amount of work that had yet to come.

“Being selected for All-State was an awesome feeling, but it also meant much more work to come. Work began in late August of 2019 at Glenbard North HS, the host highschool. We periodically worked from 8:00 AM to 10 PM at Glenbard North HS for 5 months,” said Giannetos. 

All-State is a great experience for high schoolers because of all the new people and equipment you are exposed to. This can lead to so much new knowledge as well as getting to know the Tech Crew community.

“I learned many new skills at All-State by having the opportunity to work with amazing students, professionals, and equipment,” said Giannetos. 

Tech Crew is not only about lights, sound and building sets, it also is like a family. It teaches you about working together as well as learning skills that will help you work behind the scenes of musicals and plays. In addition to this, it also can impact your future, by making you consider job options you never thought of. 

“Definitely, Tech Crew has slowly but surely become an ever-increasing factor in my life. I know theater will play a role in my career, I’m just not sure how much yet,” said Giannetos.