The spring dance is coming back to RB


Student getting ready for the Spring Dance. Illustrated by Mali Downing.

John Shay, Editor

After years of just homecoming and prom being RB’s only two dances, our administration has teamed up with some students to bring back a third dance for the winter/spring season.

“We have a very active senior class and they wanted to see this back, and they’ve been great with their participation in extracurriculars and giving back to our community. As the administration, we want to give back to our kids for doing great things, and this is kind of their reward. We want to continue this tradition going forward, but we will look to our senior classes to carry the torch on,” said Assistant Principal for Student Affairs David Mannon.

Although some ideas have been laid out, there is not a set theme for the dance yet.

“Right now, I’m leaving it up to the kids to come up with a greater theme. We talked about doing, at least for the pep assembly, a neon theme. We would shut the lights off, and we’re looking to play a video, and kids would be in different glow in the dark or neon themed clothes. We want something unique and something we haven’t done before as far as the theme for the dance. I know the theme for the week is March madness,” said Mannon.

The dance will cost 10 dollars per ticket, and no non-RB students will be allowed to attend the dance.

“It’s gonna be ten dollars at the door. The activity pass won’t be accepted due to the cost of the DJ, security, chaperones and all. There are no guests allowed, so only RB students,” said Mannon.

The dance will be held on a Saturday night, with a pep rally preceding it on the Friday before.

“March 7 is the final date we landed on, and the pep assembly is March 6th. We’re looking at 7-9:30,” said Mannon.

Although some questions were brought up as to where to have the dance, the field house was the final decision as to the location.

“I would love to have [the dance] in the atrium, but I think we’re landing on the field house,” said Mannon.