Animal Crossing gives big serotonin deposits


Photo taken from Nintendo.

The New Animal Crossing game called ‘New Horizons’ comes out March 20, 2020.

Peter Vasquez, Staff Reporter

Do you want to be a human in a world where your best friend is an anthropomorphic animal? Does having a life with no real responsibilities other than owning a home and owing money to a raccoon appeal to you? Do you ever wish you could spend days planting flowers, catching bugs, fishing, finding fossils, and decorating a home? If so, Animal Crossing is the game for you!

In September 2018, Nintendo announced the production of its fifth installment in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). ACNH is set to be on a deserted island, a different take than from what they’ve previously done. In previous Animal Crossing games, the player was a villager in Animal Crossing, AC: Wild World, AC: City Folk, and in the latest game they had players take on the role of being the mayor of a town. 

Animal Crossing originally came out on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube back in 2001. A unique factor about Animal Crossing is that the games clock syncs in real-time. Time follows through seasons, as well as it follows holidays and has in-game events based around these holidays. Examples of holidays featured in Animal Crossing are Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving. Some holidays to make it fit for everyone are named things like the Harvest Festival is Thanksgiving and Toy Day which is Christmas. 

Animal Crossing as a game has no real “objective” like most games. The player has the freedom to do things most of the time with no real rush to complete the tasks, that is unless it’s a task that gives you a specific time limit you must complete it within. 

Animal Crossing is most known for its vast collection of in-game customization. When starting up the game, you’re asked questions that determine gender and you’re allowed to name your character. The appearance of your character can be changed by the various accessories that are available to buy in the game’s stores. The player has access to various styles of hats, shoes, socks, shirts, dresses and in the upcoming game, long sleeve shirts are a new feature mentioned to be released with ACNH. 

Personally, I love Animal Crossing. It’s relaxing, it has a seemingly endless pull of a warm setting. It’s also a good tool to use since sometimes I have those really bad days and need something to help me remember that tomorrow can always be a better day. Not only that but it stirs up enjoyment and happiness whenever I would get a new resident who moved into town, or if I’m close to getting an upgrade to the size of my house after saving money to afford it. 

Overall the game just radiates this calming atmosphere and if you need something to distract you from the worries and cruelties of the real world. Animal Crossing is perfect at doing that!