Student athletes react to sports hiatus


Casey Jones

The soccer field during the extended break. With or without the snow, no games will be played here.

Rahim Kouferidji, Editor

On March 13, RBHS students were notified that the school would be closed March 17 through April 6 due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, all activities and athletics would also be canceled through April 6. 

For many students, the news was devastating, especially for those awaiting to compete in their spring sports. 

My team and I were absolutely devastated. It was extremely hard to believe, all this waiting just to wait longer. Even though we have been working, this break is crushing us,” said sophomore Owen Murphy, varsity baseball player.

While still jarring, many had their suspicions that this would occur considering what other schools around the area were doing.

“When I found out that sports were canceled, I was immediately very upset. Although I had a feeling it may happen due to the fact that many schools had done the same, I was still in shock. It was extremely upsetting for my teammates and me to hear the news,” said sophomore Hannah Organ, varsity softball player.

Although unfortunate for all athletes, what could be most depressing to consider is the millions of seniors around the country who could potentially lose a big portion of their final season in high school.

For those trying to get recruited to play beyond high school, this potential loss could make things even more difficult.

“[I am] sort of [trying to get recruited] but it’s a complicated process. I think this will hinder that process and make things a lot harder for myself and the recruiters,” said senior baseball player Daniel Kawiecki, who was disappointed and angry by the recent developments.

However, during this break, the athletes are staying in shape and ready in case their season returns.

“As a captain, I have continued to try and get the girls outside running and getting a touch on the ball even in their backyards. I personally run at least a mile daily and continue to do my own workouts at home in order to stay in shape and be prepared to get back at it as soon as possible,” said senior soccer player Grace Larson.

Nonetheless, the students remain optimistic and are set to make the most of their situation upon their return.

“My mentality will be to approach this with a positive mindset. Although this time off is hard for everyone, and returning after a break can be a challenge, I am going to try my best to approach it with a positive mindset and work harder than I ever have before. I know that my teammates and I will be supporting each other each step of the way,” Organ said.