It’s gamer time: Four games to play while quarantined!


William Kraft

A picture showing a character from each of their respective games.

William Kraft, Staff Reporter

As we come to a close of the second week of quarantine, I find myself growing more and more bored, and as we forage onward through these fluid events it can only get more monotonous from here. But amongst the shadow of this dark time is a light, and that is (as cringy as it sounds) the video game industry. They do a phenomenal job flushing away the thoughts of the toilet paper crisis of our real world to spend hours upon hours going through a virtual world where you are essentially the center of the solar system, as everything revolves around you. If you are bored like me and wish to become lost in these worlds, then heed my suggestions and press start to begin.

There is an obvious sense of adventure and teamwork you can find in the ever popular game “Minecraft.” Despite being a bit old, “Minecraft” is still able to find its way into the hearts of everyone who plays it. In this game you can do anything you can imagine, from building a house to fighting a dragon at the end of the game. “Minecraft” does not have much story, however that does not stop it from being a special game to many. Go on your adventure alone, or get with the squad and form a merry band of misfits. Either way, this game will not disappoint you, and is available on almost any electronic imaginable, from phones to computers to consoles.

More recently, Bethesda Softworks released the fifth installment to their ever popular “DOOM” franchise using Rust servers on March 20. “DOOM Eternal” (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) is a single player game that if I were to sum up in one word, it would be “gore,” as that is a focal point of the game. The game’s story is that Hell’s demons are seizing Earth and infiltrating by the thousands. As the slayer of these demons, it is your job to end their reign before all of humanity is conquered. If you do not like violence, you probably should not play this game and instead opt for safer word games that have Wordscapes answers to them. Otherwise, show those demons exactly why they fear you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nintendo has also just released the fifth installment in their cutesy life simulation franchise with their newest title, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” In this game, you purchase an island and start a community, making numerous amounts of animal friends along the way. This game is a lot more laid back than anything else, a complete 180° from the game “DOOM” referenced earlier. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was released on the Nintendo Switch March 20 and is available now. 

Looking toward the future, the video game company Atlus has been creating the updated version of their latest installment in the “Persona” franchise, “Persona 5 Royal.” The original game, “Persona 5,” is a chronicle of the rise and fall of the group known as the Phantom Thieves. You play as the leader of this team and recount the many events that led you to end up in the interrogation room where you start the game. “Persona 5 Royal” is the updated version of this story, introducing new characters, music, plot lines, and gauntlets you must fight through to claim the treasure at the end. This game also gives you about 100 hours of gameplay to become invested in the lives of the characters you meet and the social links you make. If you have enjoyed the original game or are looking to get into the series through this one, “Persona 5 Royal” will not disappoint when it drops on March 31 on PS4.

As our final week of E-learning lurks over the horizon, keep these games in mind while trying to cope with boredom throughout the week. Many games, such as the ones found on 메리트카지노, have the potential to transport players into their immersive worlds, these ones included. Maybe your next big adventure is just a start button away. Love esports betting but don’t know where to start? That’s where the best esports betting sites comes in.