Remote learning with Irlen Syndrome


Hannah Sales

Dealing with constant headaches has made Remote Learning very difficult.

Hannah Sales, Staff Reporter

I don’t understand why so many students wanted remote learning. For me, remote learning is awful. I have never had so many headaches in a single day as I have had during online school. These headaches are caused by a neurological condition resulting in an overactive or stimulated brain called Irlen Syndrome. What causes these problems are light, things like led, white lights, and sometimes just natural sunlight. So you can guess, staring at the computer screen with its really horrible light for 6 hours is the epitome of hell for me. These headaches are so debilitating that I have to take naps after school to be able to function and do my homework later in the evening.

I also don’t like the 5-minute breaks we get on Mondays, I barely get a chance to take a breath between classes. It doesn’t give my eyes and brain a chance to reset. I don’t get a chance to take a second to regroup before going onto the next 40 minutes, as the classes keep building upon each other the headaches just snowball into this big exhausting headache. 

Now compound all that in having to do this for five days a week. If we had been able to go to school at least two days a week, this would have been such a relief for me. But, unfortunately, I am stuck here staring at this darn screen and having to deal with major headaches. I really hope that we can get back to normal very, very soon. This is making me so stressed that I snap and get angry at people I normally wouldn’t and there are times where I feel depressed and I don’t want to do anything. My friend had to force me to leave the house at one point because I just can’t take the stress anymore. I have also been losing a lot of my hair due to stress. I run my fingers through my hair and come up with a very full hand of hair. 

I also no longer have the social aspect that we used to have in school, so now I annoy everyone in my household because I just ramble about anything and everything that comes to my head. I just can not stop talking because I have not talked all day. Students are missing the social interaction that they would normally have in school.

 Alright, this took a lot out of me, time for a nap.