RB updates remote learning schedule


Liam Mathews

Multiple changes have been made to RB’s remote learning schedule on Mondays.

Liam Mathews, Editor-in-chief

With the 2020-2021 school year now entering its fourth week at Riverside Brookfield High School, students and staff members alike have had the challenge of adjusting to a fully remote learning plan through at least October 16th. In an effort to help make students and staff members as comfortable as possible with this new way of school, RB’s administration has come to the decision to change the schedule on Mondays.

In an email sent out to students, staff and community members on Thursday, September 10th, Principal Dr.Hector Freytas revealed that on Mondays, school will now start at 9 AM, with 10 minute passing periods between classes, and a 30 minute lunch period. These changes are opposed to the previous Monday schedule, which started at 9:10 AM, had five minute passing periods, and a 40 minute lunch.

Freytas explained that himself and other administrators had received multiple complaints about having just five minutes between classes from students and teachers alike. Because of this, Freytas sent out a survey to students and teachers last week, asking them how they felt about the Monday schedule.

“Overwhelmingly, 75% or so students, and then an absolute majority of the teachers said that the 5 minute passing periods wasn’t enough,” said Freytas, “We decided that the best course of action to have a more successful Monday would be to expand that passing period form five minutes to 10 minutes.”

Freytas hopes that this will show students and teachers that their complaints are being taken to heart by RB’s administration. 

The new schedule will take effect this upcoming Monday, September 14th.