COVID-19 affects Homecoming 2020


Students dressing up to do homecoming virtually. Illustration by Ali Beatty.

Carmen Guerrero, Staff Reporter

2020 Homecoming at Riverside-Brookfield High School looks a little different this year. Usually, this week is filled with spirit, fun, dancing, and of course football. But, as the world is still fighting COVID-19, things have definitely changed for the student body. 

In years past, the week leading up to the exciting game and dance is full of spirit days and the long-awaited pep rally. This year, however, RB cannot obviously host the multiple events that students look forward to because of the school’s closure. 

RB’s Student Association felt that it was still important to promote this year’s homecoming week by doing a Fall spirit week that would include different themes for students to participate in while on their zoom calls throughout each day.  

“The spirit days for this week we’re pajama day, hat day, college day, class color day, and crazy blue and white,” junior Student Association member Caroline Marrero said. 

The school’s dance on the following Saturday is also one of the most anticipated functions of the school year by many students. Being unable to have a school sponsored one this year, many students have taken it upon themselves to have their own homecoming, in which they are calling “foco” i.e fake homecoming. 

Junior Breanna Kissick describes what she along with a few friends did in place of the traditional homecoming dance.

“We all got dressed up like we would regularly, we took pictures in front of a backdrop we made ourselves,” Kissick said. 

As for football, things have really come to a complete standstill as of right now. The homecoming game is very special to many. Not only do the players look forward to participating in one of their biggest games of the season but, normally in the stands hundreds of people from around the community come to support their bulldogs, in hopes of a big win for the weekend. But once again this is another event that will not be happening due to the closing of the school. 

“I’m sure if we had a football game this year, like a regular year, it would have been really fun, the team would have done great,” Marrero said. “I know that the stands would be full of people cheering on the bulldogs!”

Many things have changed in comparison to what we know as the regular, but students have adapted and made the best out of a very interesting year.

“Despite not being able to be in the school for homecoming week, I think the student body is doing a great job in keeping the spirit alive,” Kissick said.