P.E department adjusts to remote learning


Hannah Sales

Gym teacher Joseph Urbanski teaching his remote class.

Damon Morg, Staff Reporter

In the past few months, remote learning has had a profound impact on how classes are taught at Riverside Brookfield High School. Although every course has been affected in some way, the physical education classes have been greatly impacted by remote learning.

Physical education classes allow students a chance to let loose during the school day and get active with their peers. However, due to the global pandemic, students have lost some of the luxuries that the physical education classes have presented, such as working in teams and interacting while staying active.

“I prefer being in school for gym class, it’s better for interacting during games and all of the activities,” said junior Danny Schwanderlik.

Even though most of the effects that remote learning has had on PE classes are unfortunate, there have been some good, interesting changes. One of these changes is the use of equipment at home.

Since teachers can not expect all students to have the exact same equipment, they have allowed students to get creative with the equipment they use for certain activities. 

“The equipment we have used is really just things around the house, such as a towel which we used as a glider,” Schwanderlik said. 

Another interesting change that remote learning has brought upon PE classes is the 5k training program. Normally, students who are in PE classes have one cardio day a week where they run on treadmills or exercise on stationary bikes in the wellness center. 

Since this is no longer a possibility, the physical education staff had to come up with another form of a cardio day. The solution that they came up with was the 5k training program.

The 5k training program is a well adjusted physical education program in which students can pace themselves while preparing for a 5k run. Students are able to view their progress, which allows them to create goals and refine their running capabilities.

“The beginner 5k program is perfect because it is developed for people of all levels, so it makes it really user friendly, and students can choose where they are at. And it is also a really easy thing to note your progress,” physical education teacher Marisa Dobbertin said. 

This program seems to be a perfect solution to the problem that remote learning had posed to the Physical Education staff and an extremely adequate substitute for students’ cardio days. 

Altogether, the Physical Education staff and classes have faced many obstacles because of remote learning. But, they have overcome each and every one of these challenges and are making the best out of this peculiar school year.