Cook County’s New Stay- At-Home Advisory: Holiday Restrictions.


Drawing By Alexis Leone

Alexis Leone, Staff Reporter

If staying inside for almost a whole year wasn’t enough, how does staying in for the Holidays sound? Whether you’ve heard it from a family member or on the news,  A new list of guidelines has provided additional rules to follow suggesting it is possible to expect a minor cut back or delay on this holiday season as seen for some this past Thanksgiving.  

The Cook County Public Health Department released a new statement earlier this month issuing a stay-at-home advisory for suburban Cook County residents in the rising of more recent positive COVID-19 cases within the area, cases are said to have placed rates up by 15 percent. This advisory was sent into action on the 16th of November and suggests the following of  residents:  

Stay at home of course. It is preferred that any outside activities that are non-essential remain in the safety of a home. If there is to be a case where the outside activity is essential, it is required to wash hands frequently, wear a face mask that covers both the nose and mouth correctly, and remain the well known 6ft apart from anyone who does not live in the same household as an individual. Working from home is encouraged as much as possible at this time, as the risk of spreading or contracting the virus in the workspace is not impossible.

Limit gatherings and cut back on any travel. Any large gatherings, parties, and travel of any sort such as vacations or a simple visit to a relative should be refrained from as much as possible. If that isn’t possible, with limited contact and or guests. Alternative solutions in addition to the topic of upcoming holidays or birthday celebrations could be held virtually or delayed.

I heard about this order from friends and family and also from looking at news articles about the current state of the virus. I feel a little sad over the limitation of family members because the holidays don’t feel the same with such little people around, but I understand it’s for the safety of all.” explained student Ian Garcia, a current Senior attending Riverside Brookfield Highschool. 

While this advisory is only to be put into action for 30 days after release, there is no way of really telling how far it may need to be stretched to ensure safety or decrease in case of numbers, and it’s earned similar reactions in regards to the importance of safety.  

Another RB student Aimee Carlson said, “ It’s fine by me. I don’t think people should see family since one of them could have it and could give it to another. My family and I do follow these rules and plan on having Christmas just like nothings wrong,”

Whether following these guidelines this holiday season or not, it is ultimately up to the people to decide to come together and stay apart. While it is sad to see guest lists and traditions dwindle, all this is done for the greater good, with high hopes for a healthy new year.