Students’ thoughts on the vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine. Photo courtesy of

Damon Morg, Staff Reporter

In the past months, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as Moderna and Pfizer have discovered vaccines for COVID-19. Many hope that this vaccine will lead to the end of the pandemic.

When asked about how they felt about the vaccine, students were eager to share their opinions.

“I’m very relieved that there is now a Covid vaccine. Everyone has been so hopeful over the past year for the vaccine to come out and I think it’s going to be very helpful in slowing down new cases of COVID all over the world,” said junior Hayley Belsey.

This was the majority consensus, considering students are excited for the end of the pandemic and the return back to normal life.

Other students talked about whether or not they and their families are planning on getting the vaccine. Some even mentioned that family members have already been treated with the vaccine. Efforts from Moderna, Pfizer, and the FDA have allowed this to be possible.

“My family and I are planning on getting the vaccine and my mom has gotten both shots for the vaccine,” said RBHS Junior Ashley Vasquez.

It is incredible to see that students’ families are being treated with a vaccine. This shows that progress is being made and sooner or later, we will all be safe and back to living our lives. 

Living our lives is another thing that students seemed to be excited about. Since the vaccine means possibly ending the pandemic, the world may see lighter guidelines and the return of public events. 

“I hope that people getting the vaccine means people will be able to go to concerts and sporting events again,” said RBHS Junior Peter Styx.

Although many students are excited to take the vaccine, the lack of long term studies and the possible side effects that have affected people have caused some students to have suspicions.

“I’m not really excited about the vaccine because the side effects that go along with it have affected some people and personally I don’t think it’s safe to take,” said RBHS Junior Bryan Cerny.

These concerns are completely reasonable for students to be worried about and reflect many adult American citizens’ concerns.

All in all, many students are extremely optimistic about the vaccine and the positive changes it could make to this pandemic ridden world. Others have expressed their nervousness about the possible effects of the vaccine. Nevertheless, the vaccine is here and our world is going back to normal step by step.