Biden’s first executive orders

Sofia Ortiz, Staff Reporter

President Joe Biden was sworn into office on January 20, 2020, and since then he has signed 42 executive orders. A lot of those orders have to do with, COVID-19, the economy, and health care. Most of the orders Biden is signing are reversing orders Trump once signed. Biden is hoping to make our country a better and safer place with all of these new orders. 

COVID-19 was one of Biden’s biggest concerns, he wasted no time when he got into office and addressed the current situation of our nation. Biden began with releasing an executive order to coordinate COVID-19 responses through the government.

Biden also wanted to ensure our domestic safety, so he signed an order to mandate everyone taking public transportation must follow social distancing protocols and must wear a mask at all times. You will also only be allowed in the U.S. with proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Biden also mandated that everyone in the federal workforce must wear a mask at all times, he is calling it the “100 Days Masking Challenge.”

Biden also put out orders that surround our economy, one of them being COVID-19 relief for all Americans. The order assists anyone who is struggling financially during this pandemic or anyone who did not receive a stimulus check. Biden, again taking a weight off most American shoulders, released an order to pause all federal student loan payments until September 30th. Biden has also asked for assistance to veterans with debt.

Biden’s biggest order is the Affordable Care Act, he has been telling our nation since his campaigns in 2020 that he will make this happen for us, and so far he is. Biden is also strengthening Medicaid for those who can’t afford insurance, especially in a time like this. Biden is also focusing on protecting women’s rights and health, he is redoing Trump’s orders on his Title X family planning program. 

Biden took a big step and reached out to help our environmental crisis. An executive order was put out to pause the gas and oil pollution in some of the earth’s waters. As a nation we rejoined the Paris climate agreement to try and put a stop to global warming. Overall, Biden is now working to reverse all of Trump’s orders that have to do with the climate.

There is a lot more that Biden is signing off on and is planning to sign off on. With all of these new executive orders, President Biden hopes that he will make our country a better place. Most importantly, he is trying to put a stop to this pandemic and make it easier for us Americans to survive during this time.