Weezer shakes it up with “OK Human”

OK Human is a fantastic album all the way through

OK Human is a fantastic album all the way through

Damon Morg, Staff Reporter

Last month, on the 29th, the rock band Weezer released their fourteenth studio album, titled “OK Human”. The album is a good listen all of the way through and contains a variety of interesting components which make it one of the best releases of 2021 so far. 

One of the most interesting things about the album is the very different and unique sound the band produced. Weezer has stuck to the rock genre for a long time, but in this album they decided to do something else. 

Instead of strictly rock or alternative, Weezer created a sound that is a mix between alternative and classical. The album is filled with a lot of piano, different types of strings, and percussion. Surprisingly, the one thing that Weezer didn’t use in the album is an electric guitar.

This is new for the band considering they have always produced a rock sound that relies heavily upon an electric guitar. Nevertheless, I think that it is always extremely cool to see a band try something new and Weezer executed it perfectly on “OK Human”. 

Another feature that I found really pleasing about the album is the smooth transition between songs. The end of each song flows perfectly into the beginning of the next, which makes the album even better to listen to as a whole. I suggest listening to the album all the way through from track one to twelve, if you want to have the best listening experience. It is only thirty minutes long in its entirety so it is an easy, but also extremely pleasing listen. 

I would also like to share my opinion on and recommend a couple of specific songs from the album. The first of these being “All My Favorite Songs”. This is the opening track on the album and has a very upbeat sound. Contradicting the sound, the lyrics are pretty negative and melancholy. Nevertheless, it is a really fun song to listen to.

Another song on the album that I really enjoy is “Grapes Of Wrath”. This is the third track and is probably my favorite on the album. The song speaks of novels and conveys the deep connection and bliss that can be received from reading. The strings and the percussion used in this track produce a beat that is just as catchy as the chorus of the song is which makes it a great tune.

The last song that truly caught my attention is the penultimate track on the album. It is titled, “Here Comes The Rain” and provides a successful mix of classical piano and catchy percussion. Even more, the chorus of the song is one that will stick in your head for hours. It is an extremely uplifting tune which makes it a great listen.

Although those three songs are outstanding, the album is great in its entirety and each song is worth giving a listen to.

Ultimately, the album is pretty flawless all of the way through. The new sound that the band produced makes the album very interesting to listen to. So if you are into the alternative genre and also enjoy some good piano, I strongly urge you to listen to this album. In conclusion, Weezer has done it again.