Spring sports look a little different this year


Photo courtesy of Hannah Sales

Carmen Guerrero, Staff Reporter

As COVID-19 continues to dictate our everyday lives, activities everywhere are still under strict rules and regulations for participating in the wide variety of activities schools have to offer. High school sports are a prime example of something being directly affected by these conditions and making a huge impact on the students themselves.  

At Riverside Brookfield High School, the “spring season” sports are upon us, but they come with what you could call a twist. The teams including girls’ soccer, lacrosse, boys’ tennis, track & field, boys’ volleyball, wrestling, baseball, and softball are in for quite an adventure as their seasons approach. 

For the first time ever their regular seasons will begin with tryouts on Monday, April 5th. In a regular year, practices would have already started in early March. There will also be a two-week overlap with some other teams as the football and boys soccer seasons will still be ongoing.

Not only are these teams going to start late, but the seasons are also going to have to roll into summer break as well. This is the only way that each sport will get to run and is what the IHSA guidelines call for.

“I’m really excited we are getting a season this year but it’s kind of weird how it’s going to cut into our break,” said Mia Wagner, a sophomore on the girls’ track & field team. 

There are many mixed emotions about how these seasons are going to pan out. When talking to junior Emeli Romo, a member of the girls’ lacrosse team, she explained how she is so thankful to be getting a season but how she also felt that this change would indeed change a lot. 

“The fact that we get to play is great but it’s going to be so different… I feel like although it’s all the same girls for the most part and we already know how to play together it’s going to be tough getting back into how we do things,” said Romo. 

There is also going to be a huge cut on the amount of games/meets athletes are getting this year. Junior Molly Raymond, a runner on the girls’ track & field team made the point that in the past there are usually around 11 to 13 meets in their regular season, whereas this year there will only be a grand total of three. 

“We’re getting a season and I’m so happy…I’m really glad the seniors are going to get their last games this year because it was really sad that they didn’t last April,” said sophomore Nina Bretz, a player on the girls’ soccer team. 

RBHS is doing everything in their power to provide a somewhat regular season for their athletes. With the stress of schoolwork and other responsibilities these student-athletes have, it’s really good to see that their athletic outlets are available again. 

“I’m really happy that RB and the IHSA is allowing our season to run, I’m super excited to get back on the track,” said Wagner.