Homecoming week returns to RBHS


Carmen Guerrero

RB students pictured wearing “crazy blue and white.”

Gemma Nishimura, Staff Reporter

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year: The Homecoming Dance is approaching at Riverside Brookfield High School. Unlike other years, however, this homecoming is special. Due to COVID-19, RB shut down Homecoming last year, and this will be the first Homecoming Dance for both sophomores and freshmen.

“I think for the freshmen and sophomores, they’re unfamiliar with the traditions of RB. So for them, this will be their first experience, and hopefully it will be a really positive one,” Angela Ziola, teacher sponsor of the Student Association, said.

“I feel like it’s overall going to be so much better, because so many people are so much more excited,” Amanda Diforti, a board member of SA said, “we haven’t gotten one in so long, so hopefully people are just ready to go all in and go crazy.”

There are other things that will be different about this year’s homecoming, too. This year, the dance is going to be held outside on the football field. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the dance has been moved outdoors, where it is safer.

“It is outside this year, which is going to be different, but I’m hoping it’s good different,” Diforti said, “we’re trying to make it feel as normal and as average as we can.”

Although it may be the main attraction, the dance is far from the most exciting event. Here at RB, homecoming week is filled with festivities, and students went all in for Spirit Week. This year’s theme is Mamma Mia, a nod to the summer musical, and references to the film were included in every day of Spirit Week. Each day was connected to a song from the film: Monday was beach day, a reference to the song “Our Last Summer,” Tuesday was “Dancing Queen” fancy day, Wednesday was “What’s the Name of the Game” jersey day, Thursday was “The Winner Takes It All” color day, and Friday was “Gimme Gimme Gimme” crazy blue and white day.

“The spirit week theme days are inspired by the ABBA songs, and our decorations as well,” Ziola said, “I think that part will be really fun.”

At the end of spirit week is the pep rally, where students can show all their school spirit. This year, the pep rally will also be held outside on the football field. The change of location doesn’t put a damper on the excitement though – in fact, there is much more planned for this year’s pep rally than previous years. The typical games and performances will take place, along with additional performances by different groups of students, and a surprise dance planned by the SA.

“We have a surprise coming in the pep rally, too,” Diforti said, hinting at the performance, “so that will be fun.”

At the end of Homecoming week is the grand finale: the Homecoming Dance. The dance is this Saturday, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on the Football Field. To the Bulldogs who plan on attending, remember to be respectful, be safe, and most importantly, have fun!