TikTok trend takes top priority at RB

Chloe Floros, Copy Editor

Since the school year started, there has been a trend circulating around RB that originated from TikTok. This trend has been titled “Devious Licks” and consists of students stealing things like soap dispensers, paper towels, and toilet paper from bathrooms in schools. This trend is not exclusive to RB and has been happening at high schools all over the US. 

Dave Mannon, the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, said that he started to notice this trend starting some weeks ago. The administration has been using the Hero System to track down people participating in this trend.

“We timestamp when our security goes into the bathrooms using the Hero System. So every time one of our security guards goes into the bathroom, we mark the time and the bathroom to narrow down if there is vandalism or anything wrong with them,” Mannon said. 

Alberto Jaquez, one of the two Deans of Students, said that one of the biggest issues with this vandalism is that it takes away from more important things happening that the deans need to tend to. 

“The biggest impact is us using valuable resources, time and personnel, to deal with individuals doing this stuff,” Jaquez said.

Some of the consequences for participating in Devious Licks include not being able to participate in out-of-school activities or sports. More information on the consequences of actions like these can be found on pages 35 and 36 of the RBHS Student Handbook.

Evolving on TikTok, this trend developed a counter-trend called Angelic Yields. With Angelic Yields, people are doing things to counteract the Devious Licks, such as filling empty soap dispensers or placing paper towels in bathrooms that have previously had them stolen.

While this trend continues, students will be unable to use the bathroom in peace, and deans will be forced to spend time attempting to prevent thefts of items that should never be stolen in the first place.