Bea’s top six podcasts


Carmen Guerrero

The covers of the top six podcasts.

Bea Spidale, Staff reporter

In the past few months and due to quarantine, podcasts have become broadly popular and accessible. If you were to search “podcasts” on Spotify, you would likely find one for everything and by a plethora of different well-known figures. Over quarantine, I became an avid listener and spent many hours searching for the best podcasts. I gathered many recommendations from friends and family and narrowed it down to six (obviously not stating all because there are far too many).  

If you don’t get scared quickly and are into history, horror, and problem solving, you need to check out Morbid. While the podcast is scary, it is also quite funny and is beyond binge-worthy: Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelley, a niece and aunt duo, host the show together. Urquhart is an autopsy technician, which shows; you can tell how educated she is on the topic. The contents of their podcast include mysteries, paranormal happenings, conspiracy theories, and murder mysteries, of course. They cover some of the earliest stories with topics such as werewolves and vampires, but I prefer the more recent stories that have been solved. 

I spent hours captivated by true crime stories over quarantine; it truly consumed my mind. The one podcast that I found most entertaining in the world of true crime was unquestionably Crime Junkie. Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat host Crime Junkie. Their energy and intelligence make the podcast a joy to listen to. Ashley and Brit include a good mix of solved murders and unsolved. The podcast can sometimes be a bit disturbing, and you will find yourself sleeping with a night light and your baby blanket. Crime Junkie has many listeners and is in the top charts for podcasts. The podcast is currently ranked fifth in top podcasts in the U.S. and entirely deserves its place.

If you’re not the true crime type, there is an abundance of podcasts that might be better suited for you. Anything Goes, hosted by Emma Chamberlain, has to be my all-time favorite. If you are not familiar with Emma Chamberlain, she is an exceptionally popular YouTuber and or influencer. Recently Chamberlain has mainly been present in fashion. She was seen at the Met Gala and worked with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, and Levi’s. Her following has grown extensively, and Anything Goes is a total hit. Chamberlain is incredibly relatable to teens. In her podcast, she has “advice sessions” where she gives great advice on relationships, mental health, school, etc. Chamberlain also shares humorous stories and talks about her life’s happenings. I find her podcast perfect to listen to in the morning as you do not need to pay full attention, and it starts your day off right. 

If you are anything like me and adore literature and poetry, I would a thousand percent recommend Poetry Unbound by On Being, hosted by Padraig au Tuama. The podcast is exquisite in every way; the music, the energy, and the contents are mindful and calming. Padraig au Tuama does a great job of picking out poetry to share that is all different. He starts off the podcast reading the poem without expanding on its meaning, and then he begins to explain what each line means and relates it to his life experiences. Padraig au Trauma is a poet from Ireland and has strong tranquil energy. I enjoy the most that he reads the poem once more through at the end once you know the meaning. I often find myself in tears at the end of each episode and with a much calmer headspace.

The New York Times Daily is the perfect place to get your news and stay in the know. They post as early as six am every morning. I have gotten in the habit of listening to the twenty-minute episode every morning while I’m eating breakfast, and I love it. The news source is reliable and unbiased and told by the best journalists in the world. The format of The Daily is organized, so it’s super easy to follow; it’s apparent why this is many people’s primary news provider.

If you are a music fanatic and are always searching for new music or are interested in growing your knowledge on music, All Songs Considered (an NPR podcast) would be right up your alley. They share their music discoveries of the week; this always helps grow my playlists because of all the great recommendations. They interview music artists and icons, allowing their listeners to expand their knowledge of the music industry and get multiple perspectives and opinions. Bob Boilen and Rob Hilton are the hosts, and their genuine appreciation for music is lovely to experience. 

I find a lot of solitude in listening and believe it is a true skill. Podcasts strengthen your listening abilities, build your knowledge, and keep you occupied. Over quarantine, they became prevalent, and I am so glad they did. There is a podcast for everyone. It’s just about searching through the endless library of them to find the one that interests you. There are lots more entertaining podcasts on my list, but these are most worth the listen.