RB hosts Advanced Placement Night virtually


Nikki Tinerella, Staff Reporter

On November 17, there was an online Zoom meeting to learn about the Advanced Placement program at Riverside Brookfield High School. The guests on the Zoom ranged from the Student Advisors to the Board of Education and the AP Program Coordinators to RB Principal Dr. Freytas. 

The AP program at RB grants students access to 26 AP classes this year. AP classes have an open enrollment policy, and there are no certain requirements to enroll. 

“Starting at the sophomore level, AP classes have an open enrollment policy; any student that wants to take an AP course and will be committed to take it can sign up. Prior to that, we get recommendations from teachers, and we talk to the students and ask them if they would be committed to taking an AP course,” Dr. Freytas said. 

Teachers make recommendations for their students about whether the student should be in regular-, Honors-, or AP-level courses. Although, no matter what a teacher says, the ultimate decision to take AP classes is the student’s choice. 

“The benefits of taking an AP course are that students get a taste of college; an AP course is an introductory college course. Students develop college skills like time management, critical thinking, and it helps boost your GPA,” Dr. Freytas said. 

Another benefit of taking AP classes is the potential of earning college credit if students pass the AP exam at the end of the year.

“AP classes are a lot of work, but students get support from the teachers and coaching from the teacher, and the teachers are very compassionate and flexible. AP classes are stressful, but with a little stress, it will help you grow as a person and academically,” Dr. Freytas said.