Senior final exam exemption guidelines updated


William Kraft

A senior looking over the final exemption rules.

Morgan Anderson, Staff reporter

One of the perks of being a senior at Riverside Brookfield High School is the possibility of not taking final exams in certain classes. Overall, they are good for seniors to reduce stress and allow them to focus on other needs.

Typically, at RBHS, seniors can waive out of their final exam as long as they meet one out of a few requirements. These requirements are all related to high grades or scores on the SAT. The only difference this year is that a senior’s attendance will no longer affect the exemption—as long as there is a verified excuse. Previously, a student could not have more than 5 absences and 15 tardies. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, this requirement is no longer applicable.

“We did not want to incentivize attendance when students and families are still being impacted by COVID-19 and we want to continue to encourage students to stay home from school if they are not feeling well or may have COVID symptoms,” assistant principal of curriculum and instruction Kylie Lindquist said.

These exemptions are very helpful for seniors who already have a lot of expectations placed on them during their final year at RBHS. They allow for less stress about those particular classes, especially if they need to study for another harder class.

“I feel like they help get rid of the stress of us seniors, especially since we’re getting ready for college and dealing with becoming an adult. They also give us more time to focus on other classes,” senior Lydia Perron said

However, there is some debate about whether the requirements for exemptions are fair. They are based on high scores on SATs or grades in classes which could be unfair for students who are not the best at taking tests but good at comprehending the material.

“I don’t think that the requirements are fair. I feel like there should be more leeway for those who either try hard in the class or even with the SAT. It’s unfair because most people were stressed out and not completely there,” Perron said.

Another concern is the lack of communication early on between the administration and seniors.  

“Staff should make the requirements more clear earlier on in the school year so parents and students aren’t stressed or confused about the requirements,” senior Emma Brassil said

But overall, they are much appreciated by the seniors at RBHS.

“I feel that [senior exemptions] are deserving awards for seniors who work hard academically because they have worked extremely hard for the past 4 years,” Brassil said