19th Ave Angel Elves hosts gift drive


Photo by Lisa Mondane

Members of the 19th Ave Angels with their contributions.

Ana Nava, Staff Reporter

December, for some, is known as the month of giving back. Last year, the 19th Ave Angel Elves were created during the pandemic to give back. This year, they did again with the help of the North Riverside Public Library. 

Lisa Mondane, with her son and neighbor Kathy Riniere, came together on Facebook to post their new annual tradition of giving gifts to those in the community. Families in need were able to anonymously request gifts. Others in the community help by fulfilling the request and the 19th Ave Angel Elves deliver the gifts to the anonymous families. Along with the donations, the group reached out to spread Christmas cheer at the Scottish Home. They donated Christmas cards made by Lisa’s son’s fifth-grade class and gift bags made by the North Riverside Public Library.

We were equally excited to work with the Library. They put together a gift bag for every resident at the Scottish Home and any child receiving a gift from an Angel Elf,” Mondane said.

The Library, after being contacted by the group on Facebook, went on to put together gift bags. Britney Musial and Marla, librarians at the Public Library, alongside various volunteers put together 75 bags. The Angel Elves went on to deliver to both the Scottish Home and various youths and teens in North Riverside. 

The Library has in the past helped with donation organizations like Toys for Tots and Girl Scout’s Blanket Drive for Animals. They hold various teen/adult programs throughout the year and partner opportunities for small businesses and organizations. They are able to give back to the community with the help of different events they hold and fundraising done. 

“We were excited to [provide donations] again because it fulfills the mission of the library to give back to its community, especially during the pandemic,” Musial said.

The 19th Ave Angel Elves will post their flyers on Facebook’s open forums next year. They plan to also contact local schools to widen their gift-giving opportunities and continue on with the new tradition of lending a helping hand. 

We want to continue helping as many families as we can and spreading happiness to others during the holiday season!” Mondane said.