The return of the RB 6th Man


Photo courtesy of Giuliana Speziale

The Riverside Brookfield High School’s “6th Man” student section at the Boy’s Basketball senior night.

Anastasia McCarthy, Staff Reporter

Every year the tradition of the RB basketball student section known as the 6th Man is passed down from one senior class to the next. After the absence of a student section last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RB 6th Man is finally back to cheer on our basketball team to yet another winning season.  

With all the excitement about being able to cheer on our winning basketball team once again, the 6th Man is back and better than ever. 

“It makes the whole game day experience much more enjoyable, last year was weird playing in quiet gyms it just wasn’t the same… how vocal our group is makes it so much more enjoyable and gives us that home court advantage,” Head Coach Mike Reingruber said. 

It’s easy to tell how much more fun the games are, not only for the students but for the players too. 

“Just from an overall experience for the kids, any player if you’re a competitor, any player that wants to be part of a really good program wants to play in front of their friends and a loud boisterous student section makes it that much more enjoyable.” Reingruber continued.

Brian Twomey, this year’s senior leader for the 6th Man has clearly gotten the whole student section to come out and support the team despite almost half the student body never having attended an RB basketball game before this year. 

“It’s been my dream to run it since like 4th grade. I just love having everybody in the same spot again, especially after COVID. I mean bringing the school together normally with the 6th man in years past is really fun, especially now coming back after COVID, it means more,” Twomey said. 

Not only does the 6th Man make the games more fun, it helps the team perform at their best knowing all of their friends and classmates are there to cheer them on. 

“You can tell there’s a certain level of contribution the 6th Man makes, so the more people that get out the more fun we have the more the other team gets a little rattled the more they get off their game, it makes our job easier,”  Twomey said. “Get out to the games if you can, if you cant cancel your other plans there’s nothing more important than getting out showing your school spirit, it’s a good time so hope everybody can make it out at some point and make some noise.” 

With high hopes for the playoff season and RB hosting sectionals keep an eye out for information about when and how to attend those future games.