Security Breach break-down

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Claudia Tello, Staff Reporter

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) is a horror game made by Scott Cawthon.  There are a total of nine iterations in the series, the ninth being Security Breach, the newest game. Security Breach takes place in an ’80s themed party place/mall called the Mega Pizzaplex. The four main animatronics are Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, and Mongomery Gator (along with some more animatronics you meet throughout the game). 

You play as a little boy named Gregory. Gregory is homeless and snuck into the Mega Pizzaplex. Gregory’s mission is to escape, but as he learns what is really going on and how dangerous the Mega Pizzaplex is, he wants to fix things. Freddy wants to help Gregory, unlike the other animatronics who want to hunt him down, especially Vanessa, the night guard.

The FNAF franchise has been going on for a pretty long time. As a long-time FNAF fan (since 2014), I was pretty excited when I heard Security Breach was in development. It looked so different from the previous games, it was so much bigger, new characters were introduced. I actually liked this game a lot. However, there are a lot of flaws.

First off, the trailer has a whole different plot than the actual game. In the trailer, Vanessa (the night guard) is trying to help Gregory. She tells Gregory they have to make it out together and warns Gregory that the animatronics won’t stop hunting him and they have to escape before morning. There is also a voice saying “You will do as I say! You will bring me what I want, and if you fail me then you will, both of you, burn!”. I’m assuming that voice is Montgomery Gator/Monty.

However, those two lines/voices never appear in the game. In fact, they don’t even go along with the plot. In the actual game, Vanessa doesn’t help Gregory escape at all. Instead, she’s the one hunting him down. She’s still one of the main antagonists. Instead, Freddy is the one helping Gregory. Also, Monty is nothing more than one of the animatronics trying to hunt you down. He only really has relevance in the lore, so I don’t see any point in the game where those voice lines would be used. 

The game also has so many bugs and glitches. I think anyone who has played the game or watched the gameplay can agree. It’s basically impossible to play the game without encountering a glitch. This is very upsetting to so many fans and I because at times this would ruin the experience. I wish the developers would’ve spent more time fixing the game before it came out.  I understand developers had to change the whole plot months before the release date, but they should’ve put more care into a game that’s part of a huge franchise, even if that means delaying the release date.

Yes, there are a lot of problems with the game, but there are a lot of things that I enjoyed. I like that the game included a lot of elements of the previous games such as checking security cameras and shutting doors. Having it in first person and being able to run around was pretty interesting. I think that kind of stuff is what made the other games hard but also fun.

I also like that there are multiple endings. In fact, there are six different endings. Only one of the endings, the true ending, is cannon. The true ending is pretty hard to get to, especially with all of the bugs. All of the endings were interesting. However, I’m not an expert in the lore, so I don’t really know what they mean. 

Finding collectibles and exploring made the game fun too. I love how big and colorful the Mega Pizzaplex is. It’s a big change from a small office to a whole mall. One of my favorite parts of the map is the daycare. Even the basement is cool. The amount of detail put into the map is amazing. Unfortunately, it causes a lot of lag. In my opinion, I think the new developers of FNAF did a great job of creating Security Breach, but they could’ve done a lot better.