RB welcomes new Weightlifting Women club


Carmen Guerrero

Two RB students eager to join the new “Weightlifting Women” club.

Sadie Springer, Editor

This past Monday, the “Weightlifting Women” club held their first meeting. The club was founded by two sophomore students, Cassidy Erb and Jenna Schmidt, in hopes to create a community for those interested in lifting at RB. 

“Over the summer, in quarantine, me and Jenna got into lifting, we weren’t really super serious about it but we thought it was really fun,” Erb said, “We thought it would be interesting to bring a club to RB. We thought it would be an even better idea to do it towards women, who maybe aren’t as comfortable lifting,”

The club is largely led and planned by the student sponsors. 

“Cassidy and I plan the workouts and help lead warm-ups. Cassidy and I plan most of the club,” Shmidt said.  

Although it is a work in progress, each week the planned workouts focus on different types of exercises, geared toward a different body part. 

“Each Monday we will be working on a different body part: full leg workout, back workout, arm day, chest and shoulders day. We will be learning how to lift weights properly, with good form to prevent any injuries and slowly building up our strength,” Staff sponsor Maricela Vega explained. 

The other staff sponsor along with Vega, is Megan Tolbert.

I discovered weightlifting as a stress reliever about 7 years ago. I thought it was cool that a group of students wanted to start a club here and I wanted to be more involved with RB students,” Tolbert said. 

Vega shares what pushed her to be part of the “Weightlifting Women” team. 

“I was inspired by the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, lifting not only helps build physical strength but mental and emotional strength. I was also inspired by two sophomores students eager to start the club,” Vega said, “They have been doing a great job with the pilot club, they have demonstrated strong leadership skills which is very motivating and inspiring for the club to see,”

On Monday mornings in the weight room. It can be a productive and enjoyable way to start off your week. 

“We meet Monday mornings at 6:30, which we know is kinda early, but it was the best time to get to the weight room so it was just us,” Erb explained. 

Although the club is called “Weightlifting Women,”  it has been made very clear that the group is for everybody. 

“It is meant to be a club where all students, [staff are welcomed too] can come learn how to lift weights and feel comfortable doing it. It can be a daunting experience when you walk into the weight room and we want to help ease the anxiety of it,” Vega explained. 

The club is open to those experienced in lifting, along with those who have zero to little experience.

“If you are a beginner, pro, or you just want to meet people,” Erb said, “all levels of weightlifting are there, like people who’ve never even picked up weights before, it’s really open to anyone, and we’re all supportive,” 

The attendance so far has been notable, with hopes for more to come with the changes in season.  

“We had an overwhelming amount of interest at our initial informational meeting, which was exciting. About half of those people showed up for our first session. We understand that with it being winter, it’s a bit harder to get up in the morning. But we hope to see an increase in participation in the spring,” Tolbert said. 

“Weightlifting Women” aims to be a place of support when it comes to fitness. In creating a place at school for lifting, there are hopes that those that find a passion for it feel comfortable in public or private gyms. 

Schdmit shares her goal in co-creating “Weightlifting Women.”

“My goal for this club is to empower women by making them feel comfortable in their bodies and the gym. This club is intended to teach beginners what they need to know before going to the gym,” Schmidt said.