Boys Basketball perpares for playoff run


Carmen Guerrero

The boys basketball team hopes to make a good run in this years playoffs.

Ana Nava, Staff Reporter

As Riverside Brookfield High School Varsity Boys Basketball gets closer to regionals, the team has high hopes for their chances, even when they had setbacks during their season. The Bulldogs hold a 18-4 record with three more games lined up in their regular season before playoffs. 

After returning to a regular season with the halt of COVID-19 in the year before, the players went right to practicing and making sure their skills were up to par for their season. The Bulldogs held a streak of wins, with only one loss against Curie High School, before the team had to disperse because of COVID-19 complications for two weeks. They lost the chance at six games during the winter break. Still, the bulldogs went right back to work when they were able to practice again. 

Joseph Gilhooley and John Hanley have been on RBs basketball team since their freshman year. John has played varsity all four years and Joe played his way up to Varsity. They both have had various positions on the team. 

“We had the COVID break around Christmas and I feel like we’re getting back into the swing of things,” Gilhooley said.

The team has long held a connection with each other since middle school, adding to their ability to play well together. Even with newcomers and younger players, the team does well in having a sense of community. With the previous knowledge that the seniors had their season shortened last year, they have been committed to the team to the fullest extent, and are prepared for one last playoff run. 

“A lot of the players have been playing together since third or fourth grade. Before the game we hype each other up by dancing, getting going, shooting hoops. I think we have good chances for playoffs,” Hanley said.

Seniors on the team have their own hopes for their season. They know the challenges coming into the playoffs along with what schools will hold up a challenge.

“The seniors, they put their heart and soul into the program and making this a successful year as it has been and I know the best is yet to come,” Coach Mike Reingruber said.

Even as RB stands as the smallest school in the 4A division for basketball, the team has no worry in how it will affect their play. 

“In my years coaching here we have been 3A, 4A and we’ve had success in both,” Reingruber said. “We have three conference games left and we have to win at least two to win conference title and that’s first priority,”

IHSA released seeds on February 11th and named RB as #4 on the Hillside (Proviso West) Sectional. RBHS will host one 4 team bracket for regionals. For now, the team will focus on their last three regular season games and go on to the playoffs.