Homecoming 2022: blast from the past


Joseph Kampschroeder

Homecoming banner designed and painted by the Student Association.

Nikki Tinerella, Staff Reporter

The annual Homecoming dance took place on Saturday, September 17, at Riverside Brookfield High School’s football stadium. This year’s theme was “Dancing Through the Decades”. Homecoming week was filled with various themed activities for the students arranged by the Student Association.

“The Homecoming activities help each individual grade with spirit points. Spirit points again create commonality among each of the grades,” Student Association Spokesperson Emily Hernandez said. 

Homecoming week contained numerous activities before the dance, including spirit week, a pep rally, a non-profit fundraiser, and the Homecoming football game. This year’s theme was heavily reflected in these events.

“Spirit week is essential because it connects everyone and it gives everyone a common goal and something to do together,” Hernandez said. 

Each day of the week was assigned a different decade with Monday being 60’s, biker vs. preppy. Tuesday was a groovy tie dye day and Wednesday was 80’s neon. Thursday’s theme was 90’s denim day. The week ended with “Forever Crazy Blue and White” in conjunction with the pep rally on Friday. 

“The pep rally is where everyone gets out of class earlier the day before Homecoming,”   Student Association Executive Director of Communications Anabella Ventura said, “And then we have a spirit contest. So each grade takes a section, and we try to encourage each grade to have as much excitement.”

RBHS also held a “Penny Pinch ” non-profit fundraiser. All proceeds went to Lizzy Mooney and PolyBio, a nonprofit organization that supports people affected by ME/CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome.

“RB does a Penny Pinch, which is where we take a fundraiser for a nonprofit that could use help at this time. And all the money that gets funds raised goes to whoever needs it and the grade that wins, that also gets spirit points, and we are going to be announcing who won Homecoming court and having many other activities throughout the pep rally,” Ventura said. 

For this year’s Homecoming court, a few changes were made by the Student Association. This year it is now called “Bulldog Royalty”, and the individuals who got the most votes were crowned regardless of gender identity. There were 10 people nominated for Homecoming court and the two winners this year were seniors Bradley Ruska and Sophie Swicionis. 

“In previous years, the school did Homecoming king and queen, so it was specifically a guy and a girl that won, but this year it’s royalty. So it’s whoever gets the two most votes. So, it could be two girls, or it could be two guys, or a guy and a girl. It is just kind of an inclusive way to do it, because instead of just assigning a guy and a girl, it’s just whoever gets the most votes,” Ventura said. 

The Homecoming football game on Friday, September 16 was Riverside Brookfield against Aurora Christian. The Bulldogs won with a score of 35-7. All these events and celebrations held before the homecoming dance were to encourage students and get them involved.

“Homecoming is a big deal because it is among one of the first things to kick off the school year. Everyone is falling into their schedules and learning new things, and Homecoming is a nice way to celebrate the hard work,” Hernandez said.