Why Roe v. Wade is an everyone issue

Olivia Lopez, Story Editor

On January 22nd, 1973, Roe Vs. Wade was enacted into law by the highest court in the country. Roe vs. Wade provided millions of people with female reproductive parts the right to abortion across the country. Either due to financial situations, health concerns, etc, Roe provided the right to do what is best for our bodies. This past summer, that right was taken from so many people, leaving many angry, frustrated, anxious and worried about the future, and about the control the government has taken over our’s bodies.

As of June 24th, 2022, states across the country are able to ban abortion if they choose, or enact many more restrictions making it more difficult for people to get an abortion. Especially with midterm elections coming up, it is so important to push others to vote since abortion in many states, is on the ballot this year. Thankfully, we live in a state that allows full abortion access, and allows minors to not have to disclose to their guardians about having an abortion. Illinois is currently the only state in the Midwest that has full abortion access, whereas in Wisconsin and Indiana, it is nearly banned. 

Voting in the midterm elections is so important. We often see career politicians who previously did not agree with abortion or other issues, yet when election season comes around, they switch their cause for more votes. This is a clear now, seeing that Roe is up to states to chose their laws regarding abortions that these politicians care more about their votes than the people they represent. Politicians who are anti-abortion are the same people who are against gun reform, one of the leading causes of death in the country. How come politicians want to save a fetus rather than living people with their own emotions and feelings?  If you support one part of life then help protect others! After this decision was made and after constant tragedies we have seen this year, the hypocrisy of so many people in power arose. If we keep these people in power, it will continue to be difficult to make change.

In states like Texas with harsh abortion laws, there is no exception for rape or incest, and this in itself is truly disgusting. In many cases, you have children who are forced to carry a fetus that they most likely do not want. There should not be any scenario where we force a young 13 year old to carry a child, nor deny her the right to do what she needs with her body. A 13 year old should have their right to choose like millions of others. Fighting for reproductive rights means fighting for reproductive rights for everyone, of all ages.

I feel as though people who are against abortion and Roe Vs. Wade in general do not understand the full meaning of it. Roe is an umbrella term for other laws that protect our rights to contraceptives as well. Part of the reason I feel people are anti-abortion is because of the lack of education in our public schools. Schools should be teaching sex education from a younger age group (middle-high school) to decrease the amount of unwanted pregnancies in general. The more you teach students about safe sex, the less unwanted pregnancies. Another thing I have noticed from people who are pro-life, is that even though they are mainly anti-abortion, they are also against teaching sex education.

Education is so important! I cannot emphasize enough how many issues could be solved if we invested more into education and our schools. If schools promote dangerous ideologies such as a anti-abortion ideologies, curriculums that are against learning the history of minority groups, etc, it brings so much damage to these communities. It is crucial that we provide resources to organizations such as planned parenthood, which provides abortion, different forms of birth control or contraceptives, and a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people. 

This abortion ban also attacks people of color in poorer communities. It is apparent that with some states having a full ban, some people may have to choose to travel to other states to have an abortion. This in itself is difficult in many ways. Firstly, most people have families, jobs, or don’t have enough money for travel expenses. Some companies now have chosen to cover travel costs for abortions, but for people who don’t work for those companies it will be more difficult. Like always, our country will continue to favor wealthy cishet white women with this issue, since they are more likely to be able to get an abortion when needed. Not only is Roe being overturned damaging for people’s choice, it also is extremely inherently racist.

2 months after our rights were taken, it feels like our country is moving back in time. Abortion should NOT be a debate topic, nor should I be writing this opinion about wanting my rights back. Abortion is and always will be a healthcare for millions of people who need them. This issue not only a women’s issue or a feminist issue, it is an everyone issue.