Senior Sam Egan receives sports broadcasting opportunities


Sam Egan and Jack O’Brien pose on the set of RBTV talk show. Photo courtesy of Gary Prokes.

Caroline Strubbe, Staff Reporter

Sam Egan, a senior at Riverside Brookfield High School, has received numerous scholarship opportunities for college this upcoming year. Egan and his co-host Jake O’Brien, won the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Crystal Pillar their junior year for the RBTV sports talk show. Because of this accomplishment, Egan was given an opportunity to broadcast sports at Ball State University along with many other colleges.

Egan is enthusiastic about sports broadcasting and has been interested in pursuing a career in it for quite some time. Egan is the play-by-play announcer for RB’s football and basketball games, as well as several other sport-related events.

“I realized at a really young age. I’ve always had a passion for sports and I realized that it was something that I could pursue in the future. It’s fun and you can really bring the game to life for other people who may not understand the game as well, because you’re there to inform the viewers as well as entertain them,” Egan said.

Since freshman year, Egan has been aiming to win the NATAS Crystal Pillar.

“When I got into RBTV, that was my main goal because it would really help me prove to myself that I have talent at a young age. It was really more of a confidence boost for me that other people would see the talent that I knew I had,” Egan said.

As of now, Egan is interested in attending Ball State University. Egan has been offered academic scholarships and the opportunity to broadcast sports there. Egan is sad to leave RB because of the close-knit environment, but he is excited to expand his future and see what other opportunities await.

“Right now I’m looking at Ball State. That’s probably my favorite. With the award I won in May, there’s lot’s of open possibilities such as Syracuse, Missouri, University of Ohio, and Kansas University. I’m excited to see where I can expand my future and see what better opportunities arise, but it really is such a family here at RB, especially RBTV. I’ve made such close bonds with a bunch of people and having a mentor like Gary Prokes, it’s going to be tough not having him be a mentor as I move on,” Egan said.

Director of RBTV Gary Prokes, has had a huge impact on Egan’s success and has helped him grow throughout his four years at RB. Prokes hopes Egan becomes a network broadcast announcer or a professional sports broadcaster. Prokes is proud of Egan’s accomplishments so far and wishes him well for the future.

“It’s been a very rewarding experience teaching Sam because he is so focused on his craft, which is sports. He’s got such enthusiasm, focus, and professionalism. He’s always been a mature student, but I think he has become a broadcast professional over the four years. Every year he has progressed and gotten better at his craft and he will be a rockstar when he gets to college,” Prokes said.