Alijosius commits to Winona State for basketball


Alijosius during a basketball game. Photo courtesy of Arius Alijosius.

Nikki Tinerella, Staff Reporter

Arius Alijosius is a senior at Riverside Brookfield High School and is currently committed to Winona State University for basketball. Alijosius is finishing his last varsity basketball season at RB this winter.

Alijosius started basketball at a young age and has developed a passion for the game ever since. He joined Breakaway Basketball, the largest basketball skill development program in Illinois, during his sophomore year and excelled in the program.

“I got into basketball at a young age because me and my friends played at the Lithuanian World Center together at a young age, and I have played for Breakaway since my sophomore year,” Alijosius said.

As Alijosius got older and reached higher levels of basketball, he had the desire to play the sport at the collegiate level.  Alijosius committed to this public university in Minnesota at a Division II level.

“I can’t wait to start at Winona State. They have a great culture, team, and staff. It is also very beautiful up there. I think playing basketball in college will have a positive impact,” Alijosius said.

Alijosius transferred to RB from Amos Alonzo Stagg High School in Palos Hills his junior year and has been on the varsity basketball team since. The coaches at RB have pushed him and given him great advice to help develop his basketball career.

“The coaches have helped me in a lot of ways, such as player development and overall as a person,” Alijosius said.

As Alijosius nears the end of his last basketball season at RB, he is excited to finish off the season with his teammates and has high hopes for the team’s final accomplishments.

“For this last season I am ready to give it my all and try to go down to state,” Alijosius said.