What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks for what you have.  So Bryan Doyle and I took a trip around the school to ask the student body and faculty what they are truly thankful for.  Here are some of the answers we received in the past days.

“Family and friends.” –Senior Jake Johnson

“Family and friends.” SophmoreJack Gibson

“Friends and famiy.” –Sophmore Mike Hornung

“Activision, Call of Duty, Microsoft, my sister Jillian, my mom, and my dad.” –Junior Jordan Dahms

“My awesome second hour physics class.” Which was followed by rooring applause and expressions of gratitude from the class. –Science teacher Mr. Schaedel

“Family.” –Science teacher Jame Holt

“The 2011 senior class.” –Math teacher Lindsay Mynaugh

“Derrick Rose.” –Senior Sean Brennan

“Family.” –Senior John Schraidt

“My five division one offers that I turned down to get a full ride at Lewis University(Division two) to play basketball and also my mom and dad.” –Senior Ryan Jackson

“My very wonderful family, loving husband, and my three healthy children.” –Science teacher Michelle Koehler

“A great job that I love here at RB.  And I’m grateful for my beautiful grandson.” –Librarian Doreen Fritz

“David Akers.” –Senior Mike LeBeau

“Karl Marx and his teachings in Berlin.” –Senior Thomas Linehan

“Splurging and being known around the school.” –Senior Watoris Slater

“Friends and family, dogs, being a senior so I can leave this school, my art teacher Mrs. Bartelson, and giving Bryan Doyle a ride to school in the morning.” –Senior Kayle Vitek

“My job.” Fine Arts teacher Susanne Bartelson

“Doing what I have always wanted to do with my life, working with kids and coaching basketball.” –Security guard/Boys basketball coach Genes

“A successful fantasy football team, family, and no problems.” –Senior Brandon Mitchell

“The children in my room each day.” –Math teacher Steve Yurek

“Family, friends, the house I live in, and a good neighborhood.” –Sophmore Jordan Peklo

“Five day vacation.” –History teacher John Fields

“Living in Riverside.” –Freshman Christian Verdin

“I’m thankful for a job in this hard economic time, an amazing student teacher, a home for my children, and my wife.” –English teacher Tom Fuller

Now it’s time to ask yourself, what are you thankful for?