Kelly Kramer LOVES Rebecca Black

Kelly Kramer LOVES Rebecca Black

Kelly Kramer LOVES Rebecca Black. I mean LOVES. Really. A lot.

Kelly Kramer, Facebook Coordniator

The story below is intended as humor only and is not intended to be accurate.  All RB community participants in the story provided written permission for their names to appear.

As approximately 47 million people and counting have heard, Rebecca Black is the new Internet sensation with her hit song “Friday.”  Her video came out on March 11, and since then, it received millions upon millions of hits on YouTube and countless parodies have been made.

Personally, I just don’t understand why this song is hated on so much. It is a literal lyrical masterpiece. It’s the catchiest song in the world, and the rapper that comes in towards the middle of the song was an absolutely necessary addition to the song.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The song starts off with a narration of a daily morning routine. These kind of lyrics are just the thing that EVERYONE can relate to! I mean, who doesn’t need to look fresh and have cereal in the morning?

When she gets to the bus stop, and just happens to see her friends in a convertible, her dilemma about which seat to take is just heart-breaking.

The chorus is a wonderful repetition of “Friday,” “Partyin’,” and “fun,” three words anyone would associate with each other.

Now, to fast forward. This song even has a lesson! Rebecca Black kindly teaches all her listeners that “yesterday was Thursday, today it is Friday” and better yet, “tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards” and of course, we we we so excited! The only critique I have is that I was not informed of the remaining… how many days? Three? Rebecca, you gotta get down on that.

The unnamed rapper that appears right after this day-of-the-week lesson definitely adds so much to the song. He just reinforces Rebecca’s point that whether front or back seat, Friday is always awesome.

The whole song is basically sung in monotone. It takes a lot of talent to be on the same note during an entire song, with or without auto-tune. But even Rebecca did a new version of her song, an acoustic version, and if it only had a music video, it would top even the original.