Trolls storm the Landmark

The story below is intended as humor only and is not intended to be accurate.  All RB community participants in the story provided written permission for their names to appear.

It is a dark day for the Riverside Brookfield Landmark.  Yesterday April 3rd, 6:55 p.m. the Landmark’s website crashed. This was caused by the obsessive “trolls” and their motivation to rigorously comment on the site. These comments were multiplying exponentially until all of a sudden 1,000 comments were trying to be posted in one minute then crash there goes the website.

Melony Scroder, Public Relations Editor, said, “It was inevitable, the way the comments kept pouring in it was hard to keep our website running that fast. We knew it would happen but just not to this degree.”

Now that the website is down, people are running all over to get things fixed.  They are hoping to have it up and running either late tonight or early tomorrow morning but are scarred what will happen when it gets back up. It is so bad the “trolls” have even created a fake RB Landmark website to post comments, and that’s even on the verge of crashing.

Edward Montera, staff reporter, said, “I’m scared of what these trolls are capable of doing. They have gone too far and frankly I don’t think they’re stopping anytime soon”.

With this horrible epidemic in our mists, how do we stop it? All we know though, as said by Marty Lumenberg, staff reporter, “Yesterday, April 3rd, is a day which will live in infamy.”