Rope (Foo Fighters)

Anthony Scianna, Content Editor

The first single off of “Wasting Light” is also one of the best examples of the three guitar sound the Foo Fighters were going for with this record. It’s starts a little slow but by time all three guitars kick in the song turned into a jam. The heavy guitars combine together into a energy driven riff that builds into the verses and chorus. The chorus is what finally drags you in and makes all the setup to the song even better. By time the second verse kicks in “Rope” is a legitamite gararge rock jam. After the second chorus the band goes into a jam led by drummer taylor hawkins soloing followed by lead guitarist Chris Shiftlett soloing behind the churning guitars from Dave Grohl and Pat Smear. The solo is loud and in your face just the way it should be. Without a doubt one of the highlights of the album, “Rope” was the first sign that “Wasting Light” was going to be special.