APRIL FOOLS: Virtual teachers are really great

APRIL FOOLS:  Virtual teachers are really great

Who needs the real teacher when they can be simulated by a clever hologram replacement?

Katie Maxwell, Media Editor

In order to cut costs and balance the budget, the school board has decided to fire all of the teachers and replace them with holograms.

Many of the teachers are up in arms because they feel that they have put so much time and effort into the school, and now they are being replaced by computer generated images.

Mrs. Bontrager, who has been a teacher here for six years said, “I can’t believe the school would just decide to fire all of us because it’s cheaper to have fake humans teaching class than it is to employ very qualified and very dedicated teachers.”

“I worry about the quality of the education that RB will provide once all of the teachers have been let go. Who is going to be there to support the struggling students and encourage academic success,” said Mrs. Reaves, who teaches German and ESL courses. She continued by saying, “Who is going to discipline the students when they fall asleep, text, or get out of hand in class? How can a computer image respond effectively when there is an emergency?”

Others, such as Jo Jacobson, are very excited for the new arrangement.

Jo Jacobson said, “I’m really looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see how a hologram will run a classroom. It’s like a Si-Fi movie come to life!”

Candice Shelbrack also added to the conversation. She said, “I’m glad the school board has found a reasonable solution to the budget crisis. Now we can all get back to doing what is important: LEARNING!”