BREAKING: Homecoming King and Queen

Steven Baer, Editor-in-Chief


SA has announced the 2014-15 Homecoming King and Queen and Spirit Bone winners.

Homecoming King – Josh Sylvie

Homecoming Queen – Kate Kosner

Spirit Bone Winners – Seniors

2nd Place – Sophomores

3rd Place – Juniors

4th Place – Freshmen

The  2014-15 Homecoming Court included five girls and five boys.

Girls on the court are Brooklyn Hastings, Lana Hermann, Kate Kosner, Renee Kunkel, and Paola Lehman.

Boys on the court are George Connelly, Robby Filec, James Kunkel, Zeke Linares, and Josh Sylvie.

On Monday the Homecoming Court nominations were announced. Ten girls and 11 boys were elected.

For the girls it was Ava Castelaz, Brooklyn Hastings, Lana Herrmann, DeeDee Keen, Kathryn Kosner, Renee Kunkel, Paola Lehman, Kathryn Nadkarni, Mary Penckofer, and Matea Zaper

And for the boys the nominees were Sam Abbatacola, Matthew Chapp, George Connelly, Robby Filec, Nick Fucinato, James Kunkel, Zeke Linares, Jacob Lucas, Stuart Marciniak, Jake Surprenant, and Josh Sylvie.