RB football tackles playoffs

At a previous game RB huddled to plan their next move.

Isabel Hughes & Lauren Lambros

At a previous game RB huddled to plan their next move.

Alexia Kingzette, Ariana Porras, and Michael Fanta, Story Editor and Staff Reporters

The RB Boys Football team has been having a great season so far, despite not having a home field for a majority of the season.The Bulldogs are 8-1 and they won their last conference game 35-21 against Glenbard South this past Friday. The team is now moving on to the first round of playoffs this Friday against St. Ignatius at home.  

Senior captain Ryan Swift is staying positive and focusing on the game this Friday. They want to win the upcoming game without over-thinking it too much.

“We’re just taking it one day at a time this week focusing on St. Ignatius,” said Swift.

The Homecoming game was a learning experience for the Bulldogs. The failure led them to be even more victorious as they’ve won every game after their single loss of the season. This year there were unique challenges because of the stadium.

Swift says that traveling all the time was a challenge, ”yet the team really embraced it and used it to get better and stronger.”

Head coach Brendan Curtin believes a major portion of the team’s success is  their unity.

“There are many contributing factors to our successful season. However, the two biggest contributing factors are the level of dedication that each member or the team possesses and the sense of unity (brotherhood) that this team displays.  Each member of team the takes pride in knowing they helped others become the best they can be,” said Curtin.

Curtin has high expectations for the rest of the season.

“I expect the team to continue to improve each and every day we are together.  Our goal is to become a better version of ourselves both on and off the field each and every day,”Curtin said.