How To Avoid the Flu


Randall Haywood, Staff Reporter

There are many ways you can avoid the flu. One is to avoid people who have already contracted it.  That means distancing yourself away from the people who cough, sneeze, and blow their nose a lot.

You can also get a flu shot from Walgreens and CVS.  Another way to stop the flu from spreading around is to cover your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough.

The school nurse, Josh Young, was interviewed to get the most information possible about the flu on how to prevent and avoid it.  “During weird weather like we have now, which is a mixture of Fall and Summer, is to just go with the weather and check the day before hand to get an idea of the weather,” said Young.

If you’re wondering when flu season started, Mr. Young has you covered.  “Flu season has already started since it’s early September and I would recommend to get your shot in August to be immune to new flues.”

Lastly, Mr. Young recommends to clean your house as much as you can if you’re sick.  “To worry about the things people touch all the time like doorknobs, floors, and switch out sheets and blankets.” said Young.