Monsters among us at Skeletober in LaGrange


Armando Marmolejo, Staff Reporter

The LaGrange Halloween Walk started seven years ago in 2009. It takes place on October 29. The walk was coordinated by the LGBA, also known as the Lagrange Business Association.

Kids who come to participate for the walk have to be there at 9:00 in the morning and the walk ends at 11:00 in the morning.

The walk was started to make trick or treating safer for kids and for parents that maybe afraid of their kids being taken while they are trying to have fun on Halloween night.

Those part taking in the Halloween walk will receive a bag and a map with the names of all the businesses that are taking part in the walk. If participants visit every business within the two hours of the walk then you are eligible for being entered in a raffle.

”Taking part in this walk is fun because you get to see all the kids in their different costumes having fun without being worried if someone is out there waiting for you,” said Junior Pinal of the Aracelys Bakery.

Bakery also stated that the bakery gets ready for the walk by making cookies and giving out candy to the children.