Students react to Super Bowl LI


Courtesy of Flickr

Tom Brady warming up before game time.

Armando Marmolejo, Staff Reporter

The Super Bowl LI went down in the history books as one of “the best games ever in football.” The final score was Patriots 34 and the Falcons 28.

RBHS students made predictions on who would win and other things considering the Super Bowl. Here are some examples of what students had to say.

Sophomore Ian Vranek said that he was rooting for the Falcons to win with the score of Falcons 38 and the Patriots 28. He thought that the Falcons were going to win because to him they had the best offence in football.

Vranek also thought that the MVP was going to be Matt Ryan but that obviously did not happen because the Falcons lost.

“I changed my mind on Saturday because it’s the Patriots,” said Vranek. “Who wouldn’t go for them?”

Another interviewee was Sylvia Garza. Garza’s predictions actually came true.

“I think that the Patriots will win with a final score of 36 to 16,” Garza said.

She got one of those predictions right with the Patriots winning but the score was a bit off.

Pablo Hernandez was so convinced that the Falcons were going to win that he bet 100 dollars on the game, but he lost his 100 dollars and was devastated because he thought the Falcons had the upper hand on the offence of the Patriots.

Hernandez predicted the final score would be Falcons 24 and the Patriots 17. He also predicted that the coin flip would be tails, with the Patriots winning it.

Super Bowl LI was a great game with the Patriots winning 34 to 28.