Step 1, step 2, step 3… step with RDE

Sadiel Sanchez, Staff Reporter

The Repertory Dance Ensemble (RDE) is a dance class at RB that offers students a chance to be a part of a more advanced dance group.

The girls involved in the group learn many unique styles of dance, which they have a chance to showcase in performances inside and outside RB.

The sponsor of the class, Madelyn Doyle, thinks that RDE is very beneficial because it allows students to learn many valuable dance skills that they might not receive in any other program.

“I want them to learn concepts of dance, improvisation and choreography that they might not get at a regular studio class,” said Doyle.

Elena Bowie, a senior, feels like this class has made a significant change in her life when it comes to building new friendships and learning new concepts of dance.

“This class has impacted my life because it has let me form different friendships with so many girls and has opened my eyes to so many styles of dance that I had never tried before,” said Bowie.

To join the group and be a part of these performances, students must participate in an audition process that is only available for sophomores and over.

“There is an audition process that is towards the beginning of the year in October. Students learn a dance and then would have to perform the dance in front of judges. The judges then decide whether or not they are capable of doing the work required for RDE,” said Doyle.

Apart from taking part in an audition, students must also receive recommendations from teachers.

“You do have to get recommendations from teachers to make sure you are responsible and dedicated. From there, we sign you up for the following year of RDE,” said Doyle.

Rachel Bakalich, a senior, says that teamwork is something that is constantly shared within the group of dancers.

“I love how close everyone is in RDE. We really bond throughout the year, and are constantly working as a group to achieve the same goal,” said Bakalich.

Students recommend being a part of RDE to other students because it is a friendly environment where they all share the same interest.

“I completely recommend RDE to people. It is a class where everyone is friends and we get to do what we love. I could not imagine not being part of it,” said Bowie.

Other students recommend being a part of the dance group because it is a lot of fun and it is something that pays off in the end.

“I absolutely recommend that other students take RDE. It can be a lot of work at times, but it is so fun and definitely worth the effort,” said Bakalich.